2:00pm – “College Radio Station” with Scott Levine and Jake Ruta 

A satirical show representing grotesque college stereotypes and playing bad music.

3:00pm – “NoClass Radio” with Rodney Cargill 

A wide selection of music from my personal library

4:00pm – “Wendesday@4” with Quinn and Kelly 

5:00pm – “Talking Hats” with Jack Young and Pawan Mirchandani 

A casual talk show featuring a new completely random topic every week that is pulled out of a hat! Listen and laugh as the conversations get crazier and crazier!

6:00pm – “Banana in the Afternoon” with Seth Rosenthal and Matt Freeman

Seth Rosenthal, with the assistance of assistance of his occasional co-host, Matt Freeman, will play music and attempt to interact with viewers through various post and scavenger hunt style games. (I.e. Listeners can post on the Clark U Facebook page for songs they want to hear). Every broadcast would have a different genre of music ranging from well known easy listening to alternative punk operas.

7:00pm – “Take A Break, Stay Awake” with Rori Fararo-Brooks and Alexis Stabulas 

Late tunes minus the snooze. Come for the smooth jazz and stay for the traphaus killers.

8:00pm – “City Sounds” with Aidan Ottoni-Wilhelm and Savannah Dube 

Each week is centered around a different city; music made by artists based in that city, or songs about the city.

9:00pm – “Beats & Anthems” with Abigail Cummins and Lexus Moncrease 

Lex likes beats, Abby likes anthems. Listen to our collaborative playlists and request some tracks, or just listen while we talk about aliens.

10:00pm – “Midnight Melodies” with Jacob 

11:00pm – “Liv and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” with Liv Hogan and Nora Prince 

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