2:00pm – “RJB (Rock Jazz Blues)” with Alexander Rakovshik

Rock, Jazz, Blues, and anything in between! As the title suggests, I’m planning on playing songs from those genres, as well as some outliers, like Caravan Palace (electro swing). It’ll pretty much be a music show, with me maybe doing something in between songs like giving factoids about different artists or the previously listed genres.

4:00pm – “Jess & Kathleen’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Radio Show” with Kathleen Greer and Jess Bond

Jess and Kath are coming back to grace your radio after our brief hiatus! Changing it up this semester we’ll be keeping a few of our classic country tunes but mixing it in with modern music. We’re excited to be showing you a variety of our favorite songs and just goofing off in the studio together once again.

5:00pm – “A Side Of Jam” with Sam Collins and CJ Axford

Tune in right after you’re finished studying and before you’re ready for dinner for some hand-picked “jams”. From modern R&B to rock alternative and everything in between, our music is here to chill you out.

6:00pm – “Twisted Tuesdays” with Madison Jones and Alana Merly

An eclectic mix of a music from to awesome co-hosts. Alana brings the oldies but goodies to the airwaves. Madison balances out the show with modern jams that have fallen under the radar. On Tuesdays, hence the title.

7:00pm – “The Music Machine” with Nick Raymond

An eclectic blend of indie rock, hip-hop, pop, folk, classics, and whatever else we feel like playing each week.

8:00pm – “Think Out Loud” with Andrew Michaels

A talk show interviewing activists and artists from the Clark and/or Worcester communities

9:00pm – “Ol’ Dusy Trail” with Marty Varner

Bluegrass/ country music usually in an album format.

1o:00pm – “Undecided” with Abigail Israel and Adrien Horowitz

undeclared, undecided, and a little unprepared

11:00pm – “Simon’s Delusional Talk Show” with Simon


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