2:00pm – “Triple A” with Alika Gillard, Anna Schaeffer, and Aria Satish

We talk sometimes, do lousy impressions, and make terrible puns in between an eclectic playlist, full of the best music. Sometimes there’s a theme, but most of the time we’re far too unorganized for that.

3:00pm – “Rad Radio with Carly and Kelli” with Carly Johnson and Kelli Woodson 

Nothing but Rad Tunes

4:00pm – “Clarkternative” with Annie Kaplan

Indie and alt and a little rock music.

7:00pm – “Hooligan Express” with Chris Sturiale 

Wide variety of music with probably a good amount of rap

8:00pm – “Wifey, Girlfriend, Mistress” with Jenny Rubin and Alexis Stabulas

Join us on an adventure of the mind and body. Jenny and Alexis talk silly and play fun music. 

9:00pm – “Radio Fraçaise” with Samantha Poole and Khali Maden 

A radio show to take some time and admire the beauty of the French language and listen to some brilliant French music!

10:00pm – “Coming Up Roses” with Laura Winslow, Degan Larkin, and Monica Marrone 

An eclectic mix of mostly music with a few jokes and riddles thrown in!

11:00pm – “██████” with Zac Martucelli and Charlie Malwitz

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