3:00pm – “Metal Apocalypse” with Jordan Shattuck 

Metal Apocalypse aims to bring heavy metal music from every decade of its existence to Clark University, as well as talking about the history and news relating to the genre itself.

4:00pm – “Only 90’s Kids” with Naomi Shmueli and Olivia Giampietro

A wide array of bangers from the 1990s from Nirvana to Britney.

6:00pm – “Give us an hour or two and we’ll do our best” with Benjamin Tague and Nathan Jiwatram 

This is a predominantly talk show. We like to rant, complain, chill out,and we even take calls from our wacky adoring fans. Occasionally music is played, and we pride ourselves on playing a wide variety of music from no particular genre.

9:00pm – “Tek Off Yar DOOM $NACKs” with Neekola Johanesburg, Jaque-Twa, Yung Den, and Niño 

Tune in for a magical hour of succulent get-down music featuring music from around the world that’ll make you vant to take off your pants. 

Rated #1 couple’s therapy radio (Dr. Phil).

10:00pm – “Pardon the Quinnteruption” with Quinn Mitchell

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