2:00pm – “Cereal Enthusiasts” with Kyle and Hannah

A mix and music and talking, each week we will review a different cereal!

3:00pm – “All-Star Hour” with Daniel Rothenberg and Julian Serebin

Your favorite song every way possible. Smash Mouth has done it again with their number 5 song on the chart, but the number 1 song in our hearts.

4:00pm – “About Nothing” with Andreza Andrade and Victor Wong

Music and talking

5:00 pm – “Kevin and Eli Have a Radio Show” with Eli Goldwag and Kevin Gordon

Music and talking and surprises

6:00pm – “Flying Purple People Eaters” with Hannah Silverfine and Kim Johnson

Join KJSwim1314 and SoccerDrama631 each week for embarrassing moments, throwbacks, the best techniques for whipping, and how to train your pet mahi mahi fish. Show will feature a variety of music, and heavily feature Justin Bieber.

7:00pm – “Bump Radio” with Ben Livingston

The best cuts of electronic music and beyond with DJ Benny Levs.

8:00pm – “Franzia and Cheese Sticks” with Kate Summers and Allie Richards

Random musings of songs we’re feelin’. A fun time

9:00pm – “Ice Cream Social” with Hallie Smith, Fiona Barnett-Mulligan, and Natalie Ticknell

Three cool gals talkin’ sometimes and listenin’ to music!

10:00pm – “Clark Farts” with Mikela Nolin and Sydney Boardman

We will be talking and playing music for our listeners. More details once we figure ourselves out.

11:00pm- “Talks With Poff” with Charlie Poff-Webster and Dylan

Talking with smooth jazz in the background

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