2:00pm – “Moshpit Hits” with Matt Carron 

Punk/Metal and my thoughts on the songs I like.

3:00pm – “Learning Sit” with Victor Wong 

Show where I interview various professors about their research.

4:00pm – “Ben Jamin and the Fin Can” with Fintan Mooney and Ben Bergeron

A glorious, magnificent, and exquisite compilation of the greatest tunes known to man, with occasional warm-hearted banter.

7:00pm – “Concrete Jungle” with Haze Odell, Phillip Brown, and Finn Lundy 

We will mostly play tunes ranging from old-school to indie, but will also discuss modern life issues. Join us for an hour of for groovy tunes, lots of laughs, and occasional relationship advice from our very love guru, Dr. Phil.

8:00pm – “No Name” with Megan 

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