Last week my mother and I were in a tiff, an occurrence that happens regularly. This time we were discussing the song “All Along the Watchtower” and the argument was whether it was Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix who originally wrote the song. She was being rather withdrawn from the aggression brought about by this argument but I was determined to prove my knowledge that Hendrix, who essentially made his career by preforming the track had obviously wrote it too. After enough give and take we gave in to the gods of the Internet to solve the dispute once and for all. Both Wikipedia and attested that although Hendrix was the artist that gave the song its mainstream fame it was Dylan who wrote it in 1967. Much to my disappointment, my mother was right. She usually is.

However disheartened I was by the loss of the argument it gave me a very happy thought. The fact that my mother and I, from two different generations, could discuss the same music and both call it uniquely our own is a spectacular thing. Most generations cannot share their music because music trends tend to only be relevant to their own time period but with classic rock many of the themes have the power to transcend generational restrictions. That is why the music genre created in the 60s and developed in the 70s and 80s is my favorite music of all time.

By: Zachai Kalet-Schwartz

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  1. It is a reasonable mistake.. after all why should Hendrix do a Dylan tune when he has his own stuff to play. However I happened to know this fact because- as you know- I was a “Battlestar Gallactica” (the new one) addict and this tune (the Dylan version) plays a critical role in the final season.

    by the way, my favorite version of the song is by the Dave Matthews Band…

    And I too love that we can share music. And as long as you accept that your mother is almost always right all will be well (joking!)

    1. As one who brought Jimi Hendrix to Clark, and loves Bob Dylan’s music, I applaud that you both have such good taste in music.

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