Breakdown – Jack Johnson (The first song David listened to of Jack Johnson – good stuff)

Fine China – Chris Brown (Turnt up turnt up, I really like it… Thats how every women should feel and be treated…Liek fine china <3 (: Yah Welcome)

F**kin’ Problems – A$AP Rocky (This song reminds me of the women in my life <333333)

Afternoon – Youth Lagoon (major switch in genre but kick back and listen)

Flipo – Doh Tell Meh Dat (GALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – My feel good music – reminds me of home)

Flatbush ZOMBIES – Palm Trees (My pre-game to my weed)

Shape of my Heart – Noah and the Whale (classic band)

Smoking with the Gods – Azizi Gibson (This is what I listen to when I’m high)

Flight – MC Rocco (…Woah… Rocco…Rap…Cell phone call…oops…uhhhhh…I gotta take this guys…)

Child – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

XO – Beyonce (don’t forget the accent on the “e”… head groove)

Post To Be – Omarion (

Martyr – Rusted Root (“This song makes me feel like I want to limbo” – Marika)

Numb – Linkin Park (“Ah. This is breaking free, this is me” – Marika)

No Tellin’ – Drake (No tellin’)

Roses – Outkast (“David has one of those calm radio voices.”)

Earned It – The Weeknd (Trivia Toss Up: Why is the second “e” dropped in “Weeknd”. “This dude makes anything sound good. He’s just got that voice. It’s that baby making sh*t. YeAEaEAe” – Marika)

Wicked Games – The Weeknd (Trivia Toss Up: Why is the second “e” dropped in “Weeknd”. [Wait…What…uhhh… Scratch that])

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