The first part of the show was the album Eskimo Snow by the band WHY? played in its entirety:

Tracks from Eskimo Snow:

1. These Hands

2. January Twenty-Something

3. Against Me

4. Even the Good Wood Gone

5. Into the Shadows of My Embrace

6. One Rose

7. On Rose Walk, Insomniac

8. Berkeley by Hearseback

9. This Blackest Purse

10. Eskimo Snow

Other songs:

Weezer – “Tired of Sex” from Pinkerton

The Beach Boys – “Hang On to Your Ego” from Pet Sounds (Remastered)

Fat History Month – “Nature” from F***ing Despair

Ryan Adams – “My Wrecking Ball” from Ryan Adams

Hymie’s Basement – “21st Century Pop Song” from Hymie’s Basement

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