This week, I’m playing songs from some of my favorite progressive metal bands. On my playlist are a few of the bands that first got me into the genre (and metal in general) like Opeth, Tool, and Mastodon, as well as some newer bands that deserve more appreciation. True to the genre’s name, these bands follow progressive, unusual song structures, so be prepared for some loooong songs. They shouldn’t feel like a chore to listen to though, as there’s enough riffs, crescendos, and just overall variety in these songs to make them hold your attention for the whole journey.

Mastodon- “Sleeping Giant”

Tool- “Stinkfist”

Elder- “The Falling Veil”

Rivers of Nihil- “The Silent Life”

Opeth- “Bleak”

Death- “Crystal Mountain”

Vektor- “LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)”

Gojira- “The Art of Dying”

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