Hi, and welcome to my show!

Today I had some technical difficulties (basically I didn’t know what I was doing lol) so I didn’t really to run my show in the format that I wanted to, but I did get to play some jams and do some talking as well. If you want to tune in next week when I actually get myself together this will be the format of my show:

Every week I will sit down and listen to an album in its entirety with pauses in between each song to talk. If it’s an album I’ve listened to before I will talk about any facts I know about the song and my experience with the music. If it’s an album I’ve never listened to I will give my first impressions, talk about whether I liked it or not. I would love to get some recommendations for albums to play so feel free to email me at edearaujo@clarku.edu for any albums you would like me to play and tune in Tuesdays at 3pm to listen to some new music!

Here is the music that we listened to it today’s show and thank you to everyone who tuned in!

Heard it in a Past Life (album), by Maggie Rogers:


Light On

Say It

On + Off




Back In My Body

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