thanks for tunin in! special thanks to our special guests leo, dave, marco, and kevin 🙂

here’s our playlist-

1. Dissolve- The Chemical Brothers (Further)

2. Laughing Gas- Neon Indian (Psychic Chasms)

3. Anything- Plaid (Trainer)

4. Your Love is a Miracle- Average White Band (Warmer Communications… And More)

5. Flashlight- Parliament (Can’t Hardly Wait)

6. RIP- Remarc (RIP Single)

7. Portland Jungle- Leaftype (LTEP0008)

check out his soundcloud below!

8. First Born- Crazy Baldheads (Fabriclive 59)

9. produk 29- Aphex Twin (Syro)

10. Omen- The Prodigy (Invaders Must Die)

11. Supermoves- Overseer (Wreckage)

thanks for the suggestion leo!

12. Trip Like I Do- The Crystal Method (Vegas)

13. Jungle Juke- Tha Pope (Bangs & Works Vol. 1)

14. Man-Heaven Sent- DJ Rashad and Gant (Bangs & Works Vol. 2)

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