thanks for tunin in! (even though greg was absent… o_o)

i missed you greg…..

here’s the playlist!

1. The One- Sepalcure (Sepalcure)

2. Ill Still- Anthony Naples (RAD-AN1)

3. Love Can Change It- Frankie Knuckles (Welcome To The Real World)

4. Crystal Caverns 1991- Lone (Galaxy Garden)

5. One More Time- Alex Lee (One More Time EP)

6. Touch It/Technologic- Daft Punk (Alive 2007)

7. Warehouse- Surkin (Advanced Entertainment System)

8. Viol- Gesaffelstein (Conspiracy Pt. 2)

9. Uneasy Listening- Plaid (Trainer)

10. Don’t Think- The Chemical Brothers (Further)

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