Yo so instead of playing music this time we just sat around and ate teddy grahams and looked at pictures of smug babies. here’s our playlist!

DJ Drangus

Ought — Today More Than Any Other Day, More Than Any Other Day

Radiohead — Jigsaw Falling Into Place, In Rainbows

MC Mister Mandi

The XX — Angels, Coexist

The Naked and Famous — The Mess, In Rolling Waves

DJ Dang Ol’ Dhamapada

Paul Baribeau — Never Get to Know, Paul Baribeau

The Thermals — Here’s You Future, The Body, the Blood, The Machine

MC Jimmy John

A Sunny Day in Glasgow — MTLOV (The Minor Keys), The Sea When Absent

Purity Ring — Ungerthed, Shrines


The Mountain Goats — Palmcorder Yajna, We Shall All Be Healed

Death Grips  — System Blower, the Money Store


Best Coast — I Wanna Know, Fade Away

Sleigh Bells — Born to Lose, Reign of Terror



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