Bye Bye Love- “Gibson Brothers”- “Brotherhood” (Bass creates Groove and Drive)

The Sweetest Gift- ” “- ” ” (Such a good song, Brock background)

An Angel With Blue Eyes- ” “- ” ” (Such a baller banjo solo and Harmony by Eric)

Each season Changes you- ” “- ” ” (another classic. Love the harmonie frill at the end)

I Have Found the Way- ” “- ” “(Don’t like the guitar backup, but pays tribute to what they wanted to)

How Mountain Girls Can Love- ” “- ” “(Such a good version of this song, Bass notes mixing with the mando chop at the beginning are so good, had no idea Eric was such a clever Reno Banjo Player)

It’ll be Her- ” “- ” “( never liked this song.)

What A wonderful Savior is He- ” “- ” “(that banjo back up!, dynamics are super tight)

Long Gone- ” “- ” ” ( good change of pace on the album, I love Erics voice bends, Jesse is so clever with the different octaves, let the musicians out of their cage)

Eastbound Train- ” “- ” “(Needed a story song to carry the Brother duet album, technically the best harmonies on the album)

Sweet little Miss Blue Eyes- ” “- ” ” (Classic call and response 3 chord progression, How Brock’s breaks so diverse?!,

Seven Years Blues- ” “- ” “( This where I realized the album got repetitive)

Long time Gone- ” “- ” ” ( Those Falsetto harmonies are great, Bass creates a chunky groove again. He’s great)

I’m Troubled I’m Troubled- ” “- ” “( happy they did the fast version instead of the slow one,

Crying in the rain- ” “- ” ” ( Open and Close with an Everyly Brothers tune. this might be the only song with a minor in it)

Mike BArber- Bass Clayton Cambell- Fiddle Jesse Brock- Mando Eric Gibson- Banjo Leigh Gibson- Guitar

if I loose- Kentucky Thunder- Bluegrass Rules!

Old Virginia- Crooked Still- Hop High ( GREG LIST AND RASHAD ARE SO GOOD!)

Jigsaw Puzzle- Of Montreal- Jigsaw Puzzle(non-bluegrass song of the week)



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