Rest of my Life- Nickel creek- A Dotted Line

Old Virginia- Crooked Still- Hop High

Tired old Phrases- Cadillac Sky- Letters in the Deep

The Train That Carried My Girl From town- “Earls of Leicester”- “Rattle & Roar”

Why DiD you Wander- “”-“”

All I want is You- “”-“”

Stell Guitar Blues Intro- “”-“”

You Can Feel it in Your Soul-“”-“”

A Faded Red Ribbon-“”-“”

Just Ain’t -“”-“”

Mother Plays Loud in HEr Sleep- “”-“”

I’m Working on a Road(To Glory Land- “”-“”

Will YOu BE Lonesome Too?””-“”

FLint Hill Special- “”-“”

What’s Good for You (Should be Alright with Me)-“”-“”

The Girl I love don’t Pay ME no Mind-“”-“”

Branded Wherever I go- “”-“”

Buck Creek Gal- “”-“”

Pray For the Boys- “”-“”

Not Fade Away- Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle- Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle


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