Night and Day- Blue Mafia- My Cold Heart

Can’t you Hear me Calling- Bill Monroe- Live 1964

Rabbit in the Log- Chris Thile & Michael Daves- Sleep With one Eye open

The Grounds too hard to Plow- Steve Gulley and New Pinnacle- Steve Gulley and New Pinnacle

If I lose- Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder-Bluegrass Rules

Don’t Let your Sweet Love die- Del McCoury- Livin’ on the Mountain

Clinch Mountain Mystery- Larry Stephenson- Clinch Mountain Mystery

Queen of the County Fair- Josh Williams- Modern Day Man Woah Drums. Did like the chorus and the breaks though.

Modern Day Man- ” “- ” ” Kinda Sappy, Melody doesn’t go anywhere

The Great Divide- ” “- ” ” Oh god, this doesn’t sound promising

Girl From the Canyon- ” “- ” ” Oh I’m with this, oh my god all the songs go the minor

Let it Go- ” “- ” ” God so boring

Another Town- ” “- ” ” Why do the Tom. T Hall song?

Mordecai- ” “- ” ” Why bring back one of your classics?

Prodigal Son- ” “- ” ”

Lonesome Lesson Learned- ” “- ” “fun banjo break

God’s Plan- ” “- ” ”

Always Have, ALways Will- ” “- ” ”

Purple Rain- Monroe crossing- Live




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