Windy Hill- Bluegrass Sounds from Califronia Album

  1. Take a Look Before you Leep
  2. Why do you do the Things That you do?
  3. Happy Bunnies Jumping Up and Down
  4. Living Like the Lonely do
  5. Waiting for you to Come Home
  6. Junebug
  7. City Slicker Darlin’
  8. Wakefield-Osborne waltz
  9. My Room is Crowded
  10. Pretty Bird
  11. Springfield Connection 745
  12. You Should Ask me
  13. Hear the Whistle Blow
  14. I Wonder Where you are Tonight
  15. Run on Banjo
  16. The Wedding Waltz
  17. Don’t Laugh

Drunken Driver- Kentucky Thunder- Bluegrass Rules!

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