Protest Song ’68-Refused (The Shape of Punk to Come)

Rise Above-Black Flag (Damaged)

Blueprint-Fugazi (Repeater +3 Songs)

Boxcar-Jawbreaker (24 Hour Revenge Therapy)

Tunic (Song for Karen)-Sonic Youth (Goo)

I-Perfect Pussy (I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling)

You Are (The Government)-Bad Religion (Suffer)

Social Suicide- Bad Religion ( The Empire Strikes First)

Blood One- Bikini Kill (Pussy Whipped)

Magnet-Bikini Kill (Pussy Whipped)

Face the Facts-Cro-Mags (The Age of Quarrel)

Somewhere-Husker Du (Zen Arcade)

Motorist-Jawbox (For Your Own Special Sweetheart)

For Tammy Rae-Bikini Kill (Pussy Whipped)

The Guns of Brixton- The Clash (London Calling)

Johnny 99-Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska)

The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving-Andrew Jackson Jihad (Knife Man)

Temple Grandin-Andrew Jackson Jihad (Christmas Island)

For Want Of-Rites of Spring (Rites of Spring)

Seeing Red-Minor Threat (Complete Discography)

Kids Of The Black Hole- Adolescents (Adolescents)

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