Feat. Most esteemed guest Blatt

Korn/Twist/Life is Peachy

Pantera/13 Steps to Nowhere/The Great Southern Trendkill

Pantera/By Demons be Driven/Vulgar Display of Power

Slipknot/People = Shit/Iowa

Marilyn Manson/This is Halloween/Nightmare Revisited

Marilyn Manson/The Beautiful People/Lest We Forget

Rob Zombie/Dragula/Best of

White Zombie/I’m Your Boogieman/Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Misfits/Halloween/Collection 2

Misfits/Saturday Night/Famous Monsters

Misfits/Scream/Famous Monsters

Misfits/Die, Die My Darling/Collection


Black Sabbath/Children of the Grave/Master

Iron Maiden/Children of the Damned/The Number of the Beast

Korn/Children of the Korn/Follow the Leader

Iron Maiden/The Number of the Beast/The Number of the Beast

Metallica/Of Wolf and Man/Metallica

Coal Chamber/Loco/Coal Chamber

Deathklok/Briefcase Full of Guts/The Deathalbum

Deathklok/Hatredcopter/The Deathalbum

Deathklok/Murmaider/The Deathalbum

Slayer/Raining Blood/Reign in Blood

Lamb of God/Walk with Me in Hell/Sacrament


For Today/The Advocate/Breaker

Lamb of God/Now You’ve got Something to Die For/Ashes of the Wake



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