Pantera/Mouth for War/Vulgar Display of Power

Metallica/Whiplash/Kill ’em All

Death Angel/Discontinued/Act III

System of a Down/Prison Song/Toxicity

System of a Down/Shimmy/Toxicity

Danzig/Twist of Cain/Danzig

Danzig/Am I Demon/Danzig

Black Sabbath/Sweet Leaf/Master of Reality

Marylin Manson/This is the New Shit/Lest we Forget

For Today/Devastator/Breaker

Soundgarden/Jesus Christ Pose/Badmotorfinger

Soundgarden/Face Pollution/Badmotorfinger

Lamb of God/512/Sturm und Drang

Lamb of God/In the Absence of the Sacred/New American Gospel

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