Featuring most esteemed guest, Rob.


DevilDriver/I could Care Less/DevilDriver

DevilDriver/Die (And Die Now)/DevilDriver

DevilDriver/Ripped Apart/The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

Winds of Plague/Open the Gates/Resistance

Winds of Plague/Sewer Mouth/Resistance

Winds of Plague/Left for Dead/Resistance

Winds of Plague/Time to Reap/Resistance

Winds of Plague/Decimate the Weak/Decimate the Weak

AzReal/Fall to Pieces/Premonition

AzReal/Dirt Asylum/Premonition

Death Angel/Relentless Revolution/Relentless Retribution

Death Angel/Truce/Relentless Retribution

DevilDriver/Digging Up the Corpses/The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand


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