1. Green Day-Jesus of Suburbia-American Idiot
  2. Bully-Trying-Bully
  3. The Front Bottoms-HELP-HELP
  4. Modern Baseball-Fine,Great-You’re Gonna Miss it All
  5. Harry Chapin-Cat’s In The Cradle
  6. The Apache Relay-Katie, Queen of Tennessee-Apache Relay
  7. The Palma Violets-Danger In The Club-Danger In The Club
  8. The Moldy Peaches-Lucky Number Nine-The Moldy Peaches
  9. Dr. Dog-Long Way Down-B-Room (Deluxe Edition)
  10. Bearings-Up All Night-Higher Ground
  11. Tame Impala-The Less I Know The Better-Currents
  12. Balance and Composure-Parachutes-Currents
  13. The Buzzcocks-Orgasm Addict-Singles Going Steady
  14. Candy Hearts-The Dream’s Not Dead-All The Ways You Let Me down
  15. Green Day-Longview-Dookie

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