1. Red Eyes- The War on Drugs (Lost in the Dream)

2. From Now On- Delta Spirit (Into the Wide)

3. Jumpers- Sleater-Kinney (Into the Woods)

4. The Plan- Built to Spill (Keep It Like A Secret)

5. Lily- Literature (Arab Spring)

6. Automatic Stop- The Strokes (Room On Fire)

7. Lost Cause- Beck (Sea Change)

8. Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod- The Mountains Goats (The Sunset Tree)

9. Sexy Danger- Michael Cera (True That)

10. State Trooper- Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska)

11. Let’s Rock the Beach- Ducktails (II)

12. About to Die- Dirty Projectors (Swing Lo Magellan)

13. Heavy Manner- Swings (Detergent Hymns)


14. Manic- The Oddbodies (Dose of Dave)


15. She Held the Night- Wavestadium (Roman Numerals)


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