Post Pi-day special…

1. Coalition- iceage (You’re Nothing)

2. Diamonds & Pearls- Institute (Demo 2013)

3. OnThatNewThing- Madlib (Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3-4))

4. Be My Baby- The Ronettes (Phil Spector: Back to Mono (1958-1969))

5. He’s A Rebel- The Crystals (Phil Spector: Back to Mono (1958-1969))

6. Rave On- Buddy Holly (Complete Recordings)

7. C’mon Everybody- Eddie Cochran (Summertime Blues)

8. Rockabilly Boogie- Johnny Burnette (Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio)

9. Domino- The Cramps (Gravest Hits)

10. Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby- Hasil Adkins (Out to Hunch)

11. I Gotta Rock ‘n’ Roll- Reatards (Teenage Hate)

12. The Rumble- Madlib (Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3-4))

13. Bad Bad Man- Cuckoo Chaos (Woman)

14. Vacation- Beach Fossils (s/t)

15. Only Heather- Wild Nothing (Nocturne)

16. Indian Bells- Madlib (Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3-4))

17. Horn- Nick Drake (Pink Moon)

18. Impressions of Susan- John Fahey (Days Have Gone By)

19. Country Fair Getaway- Gunn-Truscinski Duo (Ocean Parkway)

20. Organ Stroll- Madlib (Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3-4))

21. Memory Resolve- Alex Calder (Strange Dreams)

22. Laramie- Cymbals Eat Guitars (LOSE)

23. Blow- Dean Blunt (Black Metal)

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