1. Popcorn Bowl- Chris P.’s iPhone (Voice Memos)

2. The Body Breaks- Devendra Banhart (Rejoicing in the Hands)

3. Nick and Gordon Jamming- Chris P.’s iPhone (Voice Memos)

4. 100- Dean Blunt (Black Metal)

5. Bored in the U.S.A.- Father John Misty (I Love You Honeybear)

6. Yellow- Coldplay (Parachutes)

7. Nighttiming- Coconut Records (Nighttiming)

8. Why Theory?- Gang of Four (Solid Gold)

9. A Simple Answer- Grizzly Bear (Shields)

10. Helicopter- Deerhunter (Halcyon Digest)

11. Winter Is All Over You- First Aid Kit (The Big Black and the Blue)

12. Slipping Through The Sensors- The Fruit Bats (Mouthfuls)

13. I Know You Are but What Am I?- Mogwai (Happy Songs for Happy People)

14. A Little God in My Hands- Swans (To Be Kind)

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