In this episode, we take a look back on the music, life, and legacy of Shinee’s Kim Jonghyun, who died one year ago today. Even though none of you were able to actually hear the show live due to some streaming issues, these songs (and their lyrics, assuming you don’t speak Korean) are definitely worth checking out.

All songs listed in song title-artist-album order, and with notes about why they were chosen

Replay- Shinee- Replay- Jonghyun’s debut song, as part of Shinee in 2008

Y Si Fuera Ella (Jonghyun solo)- Shinee- The Shinee World- Jonghyun’s first solo release, as part of Shinee’s first album

Juliette- Shinee- Romeo- The first of many songs written by Jonghyun, in 2009

Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) feat. Iron- Jonghyun- Base- Jonghyun’s first release as a solo artist in 2015

Deja-Boo feat. Zion. T- Jonghyun- Base- A groovy B-side from Jonghyun’s debut solo EP

Playboy- Exo- Exodus- Written for Exo by Jonghyun, who also performed the song himself at his concerts

View- Shinee- Odd- After 6 years, the first Shinee single written by Jonghyun since Juliette

Breathe- Lee Hi- Seoulite- Written for Lee Hi by Jonghyun. One of the few instances of artists from the “Big Three” K-Pop record labels working together (Jonghyun was under SM Entertainment, Lee Hi is under YG Entertainment)

She Is- Jonghyun- She Is- The lead single from Jonghyun’s first full-length solo album

White T-Shirt- Jonghyun- She Is- A fun, dance-y B-side from the same album

Moon- Jonghyun- She Is- Another B-side from the She Is album, showcasing Jonghyun’s composition abilities and smooth falsetto

Tell Me What To Do- Shinee- 1 and 1- The last Shinee single released during Jonghyun’s life, prominently featuring his powerful vocals

Lonely feat. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)- Jonghyun-┬áThe Collection: Story Op.2- Jonghyun’s last single released during his life, from his second compilation album of songs originally composed for his radio show

Shinin’- Jonghyun- Poet/Artist- The lead single from Jonghyun’s posthumously released second album

Our Page- Shinee- The Story of Light- The third single from Shinee’s 10th anniversary album, their first album recorded without Jonghyun. The lyrics, written by the members, reference him and his memory

I Will Fight- Key- Face- A B-side from Shinee member Key’s debut solo album, the lyrics reference Key’s struggle following Jonghyun’s death

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