For the power hour’s last installment of the semester, the year, and the decade, we wrapped up 2019 by taking a look at my (Oscar)’s 15 favorite K-pop songs of the year! Here’s the list.

15: Taeyeon- Spark

14: Eric Nam- Runaway

13: (G)I-DLE- Lion

12: Blackpink- Don’t Know What to Do

11: Day6- Time of Our Life

10: Twice- Feel Special

9: CLC- Devil

8: TXT- Run Away

7: BTS- Mikrokosmos

6: Blackpink- Hope Not

5: NCT 127- Superhuman

4: Dreamcatcher- Over the Sky

3: BTS- Boy With Luv

2: NCT 127- Highway to Heaven

1: Ateez- Say My Name

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