We Are All Compost in Training – Ramshackle Glory – Live the Dream

There’s a Light Up in Galilee – Ernest V. Stoneman’s Dixie Mountaineers – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 1

We Got the Same Kinda Power Over Here – Rev. D.C. Rice and Sanctified – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 3

Primrose Hill – Daniels Deason Sacred Harp Singers – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 5

Lover of the Lord – Huggins & Philips Sacred Harp Singers – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 2

…in a letter to the sandbox – By the End of Tonight – …in a letter to the sandbox

That Great Day – T.C.I. Women’s Four – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 3

Jesus is my Air O Plane – Mother McCollum – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 4

Hammerhead – John Zorn – Naked City

Delivering the Groceries at 138 beats per minute – Don Caballero – What Burns Never Returns

Rock my Soul – Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet- Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 1

Moses was rescued by a Negro Woman – Rev. Webb – Goodbye, Babylon Vol. 6

Transparent Seas (The Long Song) [Live] – Upsilon Acrux – Upsilon Live

Any Place (Growing Up) – Ramshackle Glory – Shelter

Butterfly – Green Milk From the Planet Orange – He’s Crying Look

Lioness – Songs: Ohia

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