top 20 hip hop tracks from the month of October

20  6 god-Drake

19  Gotti-Wayne

18  Paper-Keef ft Gucci

17  Only-Nicki Minaj ft Drake CB Wayne

16  Take Kare-Y Thug

15  I need That-Cozz

hon. mention: bobby bitch-bobby schmurda

14  Under Pressure-Logic

13  Candler Road-Gambino

12  Know No Better-Meek Mill

11  Fuck You Mean-Meek Mill

10  Contagious (in studio teaser clip) Meek Mill — To be released from jail November 11

9  multiply-asap rocky

8  food for my stomach-the game

7  just some raps, nothing to see here, move along-Mac Miller

6  Christ Conscious-Joey Bada$$

5  how about now-drake

4  knock the hustle-cozz ft jcole

wu tang- preservation

3 Can’t Stop- London ft mr.west

boomerang-the uncluded

2  i-kendrick lamar

zodioaccupuncture-aesop rock

1  fucks given-gambino (nicest track of october

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