Thanks so much for tuning in! We had a lot of fun this week, and made lots of new friends (including an Elvis impersonator – he says hi, by the way). Here are the songs that we played today, in case you missed ’em!

1. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers (I Wanna Get Better)

2. I Followed Fires – Matthew And The Atlas (Kingdom Of Your Own EP)

3. Dream Team – Lazerbeak (Legend Recognize Legend)

4. You Stay. I Go. No Following. – Look Mexico (To Bed To Battle)

5. Resolution – Matt Corby (Resolution)

6. Knights – Minus The Bear (Planet Of Ice)

7. Call – Francesco Yates (Call)

8. Strong – London Grammar (If You Wait)

Enjoy this Youtube video picked out by our very first special guest, Celine Manneville! Thank you so much for being an incredible guest and friend-wife.


Photo credit: peterdc8

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