Noses – Big Block Sing Song (Disney Junior Official)

Baby Your A Spaceman – Knitwear (Slacker)

Slacker-Knitwear (Slacker)

Baldursbar – Pascal Pinon (S/T)

Kertio Og Husio Brann – Pascal Pinon (S/T)

Tais-Toi Mon Coeur – Dionysos  Ft. Olivia Ruiz (La Mecanique du Coeur)

Siren’s Grass – North Tones (Thoughts from both Sides)

Beneath the Stone – North Tones (Thoughts from both Sides)

See You Smile – North Tones (Thoughts from both Sides)

Houses Sing – Danny Schmidt (Man of Many Moons)

This too Shall Pass – Danny Schmidt (Parables and Primes)

Swing me Down – Danny Schmidt (Instead the Forest Rose to Sing)

Life on the River – Pale Cowboy (Shelter)

Shelter – Pale Cowboy (Shelter)

Stamp Your Feet – Donna Summer (Crayons)

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond (Fever Pitch Soundtrack)

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