The Way Out is Through- Zach Shaw

Birtney’s Spear- You have the right to say yes

G-Spots- R Kelly

Sister Oity- Reinventing Adam Linder

Essential Boogie- Land of Funky Shit

Walter, Walter- The Ballad of Benny (Ode of the tailless squirrel)

Thesaurasauras- flock of birds

Anomalons- Strangely Enough

Kid Omega- Elysion

Captain Buzzkill- Barrel of your gun

Lamp Attack- Looking at me

Andy Renard- Trade offs and second chances

The way out is through- Apocalypse

Tiger Trap- A communication breakdown

David Ree- Forever in a moment

Honizen- Honestly

The blank page draft- Escape from diamond hill

Necrodance- NEcrodance

Dead cat orchestra- Kat nips in da klub

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