thanks 4 tunin in… here is the playlist…

1. Robot Factory- Swell Maps (Jane From Occupied Europe)

this is the first song from the album

2. Etude Violette- Pierre Schaeffer (L’Oeuvre Musicale)

3. TV as Eyes- Chrome (Half Machine Lip Moves)

this is also the first song from this album

4. Sex Beat- Two Lone Swordsmen (From The Double Gone Chapel)

5. Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne- Suicide (Suicide II)

this is also the first song also from also this album

6. Lovely Bloodflow- Baths (Cerulean)

7. Heave(n)- Flying Lotus (Until The Quiet Comes)

8. (9600) 1991 UB- Butts (Ghost Systems Rave)

i think i scared some listeners away with this one…

9. Recur- Emptyset (Recur)

… and this one…

10. Palace Racket- Torn Hawk (Through Force Of )

11. Die Like A Rockstar- SKYWLKR (IMPRESSIONS 2011)

12. Feromonikon- Siriusmo (Mosaik)

13. Track 10- Jai Paul (Jai Paul)

14. New York Is Killing Me- Gil-Scott Heron (I’m New Here)

15. The Last Living Rose- PJ Harvey (Let England Shake)

16. We Can Work It Out (Mono)- The Beatles (Mono Masters)

pop music?

17. And Your Bird Can Sing (Mono)- The Beatles (Revolver)

pop music.

18. Jimmy- Literature (Chorus)



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