thanks for tunin in to my last show of the semester!

here’s what i played. (sorry for the sadness)

1. Copenhagen- Scott Walker (Scott 3)

2. Never Seen Such Good Things- Devendra Banhart (Mala)

3. How to Disappear Completely (And Never Be Found Again)- Radiohead (Kid A)

4. These Days- Nico (Chelsea Girl)

5. Bugs Don’t Buzz- Majical Cloudz (Impersonator)

6. Your Daddy Loves You- Gil-Scott Heron (Nothing New)

i’m unbelievably lucky to own this

7. It’s Raining Today- Scott Walker (Scott 3)

8. Birds in Hell- Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch (Twin Peaks Soundtrack)

here’s where i first heard this song:

9. Bloom- Radiohead (The King of Limbs)

10. Intruders- The Antlers (Familiars)

11. Pink Moon- Nick Drake (Pink Moon)

12. Morning Bell- Radiohead (Kid A)

13. Skaros- Kitsos Harisiadis (Beyond Rembetika)

some northern greek folk music!

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