thanks 4 tunin in 2 my show.

here’s the playlist.

1. Comfy In Nautica- Panda Bear (Person Pitch)

2. Over The Neptune-Mesh Gear Fox- Guided By Voices (Propellor)

3. Violet Execution- SeBADoh (III)

4. BlkPPLSellingWhtPPL#Food- The Pluto Moons (Mannequin Legs)

buy their music so they can continue to be rad

5. House Outside the Sun- Cetacea (Glyphs)

6. Nil Admirari- Oneohtrix Point Never (Returnal)

7. Meeresbett Meditation (Sea Bed Meditation)- Jurgen Muller (Science of the Sea)

8. Minecraft- C418 (Minecraft OST)


9. Sunrise & Onett Theme- Keiichi Suzuki (Mother 2 OST)


10. Frightened- The Fall (Live At The Witch Trials)


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