well y’all… after some initial technical difficulties (i’m an idiot) we had a stellar show… and here’s the playlist…

1. Mona (rehearsal)- Buddy Holly (Complete Recordings)

2. Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend- John Cale (Fear)

3. I Wanna Be Forgotten- Bass Drum of Death (Bass Drum of Death)

4. Be Your Baby- Harlem (Hippies)

5. Bad Kids- Black Lips (Good Bad Not Evil)

6. I Almost Fell- Axxa/Abraxas (Axxa/Abraxas)

7. 2000 Man- The Rolling Stones (Their Satanic Majesties Request (Mono Mix))

8. Portrait of Tracy- Jaco Pastorius (Jaco Pastorius)

9. Weak Times- Institute (Demo 2013)

check out their brand new EP ‘Salt’- http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr119-institute-salt-ep

i haven’t had a chance to buy this yet but i will soon…

10. Insight- Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures)

11. Paper Thin- Religious Knives (Smokescreen)

12. The World On Drugs- Destruction Unit (Deep Trip)

13. Passionflower- Jon Gomm (The Domestic Science Singles Series)

thanks for the request greg! this was an excellent track.

14. Polaris- Insect Surfers (Reverb Sun)


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