thanks for tunin in!

1. White Light/White Heat= The Velvet Underground (White Light/ White Heat (Mono Version))

2. I.B.M.- Throbbing Gristle (D.o.A. The Third and Final Report)

3. (9600) 1991 Ub- Clouds (Ghost Systems Rave)

4. Lionel- D.N.A. (No New York)

5. Silver Rocket- Sonic Youth (Daydream Nation)

6. Watch Me Jumpstart- Guided By Voices (Alien Lanes)

7. We Can Work It Out- The Beatles (Mono Masters, Vol. 2 (2009 Mono Remaster))

8. The Beatles- Daniel Johnston (Yip/Jump Music)

9. Ollie V.- Reatards (Teenage Hate)

10. Pearly Gates- The Men (Tomorrow’s Hits)

11. I Can’t Sleep At Night- The Deadly Snakes (Ode To Joy)

12. St. Rosa and the Swallows- The Thermals (The Body, The Blood, The Machine)

13. For the Love of Ivy- Japandroids (Celebration Rock)

14. Rah! Rah! Replica- Bikini Kill (The Singles)

15. Thick Lip- WHITE LUNG (Sorry)

16. Crown On The Ground- Sleigh Bells (Treats)

17. Parasite- Nick Drake (Pink Moon)

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