Lately my iPhone has been having a few problems with album art. In the library on my computer, the following songs have the correct album art attached to them, but on my iPhone, as you’ll see, some Drake album covers have taken over the album art of some very not-Drake songs. A smaller takeover has also occurred in two other spots, the perpetrators being two Swans albums. Here are ten screenshots to illustrate what it looks like when Drake slowly takes over your life iPhone library.

iPhone Pix 014

 As you can see above, this is an Iceage song, not a Drake song.

iPhone Pix 015

This is also an Iceage song, the next one on the album. Though this doesn’t look like a Drake album cover, let me direct your attention to the screenshot two images down:

iPhone Pix 016

This is the next song on the album: here we have not a Drake album cover, but instead, the cover of a Rolling Stones album. Still not Iceage, though.

iPhone Pix 010

The popular Drake song “Over” actually has this same album art in my iTunes library. So this is where the Iceage one above is from, ok, this makes sense, kind of. But I don’t remember ever visiting Www.Djwordy.Com.

iPhone Pix 012

Speaking of the Rolling Stones… in place of the correct album cover is the cover of Nothing Was The Same.

iPhone Pix 013

Another Rolling Stones song, and another Drake album cover replacing the correct album cover.

iPhone Pix 018

Again, the same Drake album cover, but on a Devendra Banhart song. This cover is on all the songs on this album.

iPhone Pix 017

Another Drake album cover, on a different Devendra Banhart album. This cover is also on all the songs on this album.

Alright, I have two theories as to why this has been happening.

#1: Drake and his management team are paying Apple millions of dollars to pull this U2-esque stunt where various Drake album covers slowly start to replace other album covers, subtly influencing your listening choices until there comes a day when you only can and you only want to listen to Drake, because you can’t stand the fact that the proper album art isn’t displaying and the only solution is Drake’s crooning.

#2: There is a totally accidental glitch in my iPhone’s firmware.

I’ll let you pick which one is more convincing (hint: the longer theory).

Anyways, here are two more weird album art snafus.

iPhone Pix 019

Ok, this one isn’t that huge of a disconnect between musical content and cover. But it’s still incorrect.

iPhone Pix 020

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