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Jess here ūüôā You might remember me from the Fresh Music Friday post last semester, this year I’ve decided to change things up so I, and occasionally with my lovely Co-Host Kathleen Greer, will be giving you Music Monday! What that means is each week you’ll get to discover new music with us as well as hear about some of our favorites. Each week will feature a new artist – Hope you guys enjoy and love these artist as much as I do ūüėČ
Okay, our first Music Monday artist is the country accapella group Home Free!
This was a group I only discovered 4 or so days ago and they’ve already earned themselves their own playlist on my Spotify. I found them out when someone shared¬†their cover of “All about the Bass” (1). Opinions on the lyrics aside I thought they nailed the song. They were great together, super fun to watch and a country accapella group no less! I haven’t been this excited about accapella since¬†my discovery of Pentatonx.
So! Of course the first thing I did was listen to all their songs. They have a stellar youtube and have also put out their own album (Which means you can find them on Spotify!). It’s chock¬†full of covers, which is nice but¬†I wish they put more time into better originals…but hey, if their nailing covers I guess they should stick with that.
So the Covers: “Your Man” by Josh Turner is one of my favorite songs and they covered it pretty well. I love the cover ¬†of “Little bit of Everything” (although no one can beat Keith Urban, they come close). The Cover of “Ring of Fire” is the best cover out there. Hands down. I’m not a fan (at all) of their cover of “This is How We Roll” but perhaps that’s just because they have a very different take. They also have a cool Hunter Hayes Medley¬†and even though I like his music¬†and the cover was good, the music isn’t at a¬†level that showcases their talent.¬†¬†I do like their cover of “Feelin’ It” (4) better than the original (Sorry, Scotty McCreery!)
After doing more research, I found out they were on “The Sing-Off” in 2013 which was that obscure season after the hiatus. They’re from Minnesota (which is also cool from another Mid-Westers point of view) and are made up of 5 members (two of which are brothers).¬† They won the show¬†and were the number one spot on iTunes when they released their album. They’re also praised because they have that “universally-appealing feel that is so hard to find these days. This is evident in their popular¬†cover¬†of Avicii‚Äôs ‚ÄúWake Me Up,‚ÄĚ which is immensely pleasing despite deviating significantly from the original.” (2)
“Any Way the Wind Blows”¬† is one of their original songs, and it even has its own cheesy music video.¬†The music video,¬†in fairness, matches the very cheesy song (3). ¬†Its about a young couples who make smiley face sandwiches, watch scary movies together, and plans a trip to Italy. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me either. But they guys are so great and even though¬†I don’t think I could watch the video¬†too many more times¬†the song is¬†pretty catchy (I have the same feelings for their song¬†“Champagne Taste”).
For the most part their videos are all pretty good. They’re a fun group to watch – I haven’t seen¬†too many but I do really like the “All about the Bass” video¬†and their “Ring of Fire” and “19 You+Me” cover videos.
Home Free¬†also sings with Peter Hollens which¬†gives them bonus points¬†in my opinion. They have a cover of “19 You+Me” (6) where they’re featured in his song (instead of him in theirs, which is the version on their album). This song¬†is a completely different take AND, because its Peter, you get to see who is singing when which¬†is really cool to watch.
Additionally¬†the boys have¬†Holiday Album coming out!¬†I¬†am a person who holds a strong faith in the No-Chirstmas-Until-After-Thanksgiving rule¬†(Please, listen to “The Day After Thanksgiving” by Brandon Heath) However I may break this rule to listen to their album… In fact there’s a 90% chance that’s true.
They also have a Blog and a Tour-  So if anyone loves me enough to take me to their show in Boston on 11/9 let me know. (7) In the mean time feel free to fall in as much love with Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Chris Rupp, Rim Foust, and Adam Rupp as I have.
Thanks for reading!!
(6)¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr1tiJRwZzA¬†–¬†If you don’t know who Peter Hollens is and like acapella music please do yourself a favor and click around on his site too.

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