Artist, Song, Album

Car Seat Headrest, “Sober to Death”, Twin Fantasy

Flying Lotus, “All In”, Until the Quiet Comes

Jaga Jazzist, “Swedenborgske Rom”, What We Must

Mimicking Birds, “Bloodlines”, Eons

Ryan Adams, “Come Pick Me Up”, Heartbreaker

Modest Mouse, “Too Many Fiestas for Reuben”, Too Many Fiestas for Reuben single

Modest Mouse, “Cowboy Dan (Alternate Unreleased Version)”, Too Many Fiestas for Reuben single

Why?, “Rubber Traits”, Elephant Eyelash

The Pluto Moons, “No Will Power”, Mannequin Legs

Speed Trials, “Disconnect”, I’ve Stopped Waiting

Dr. Dog, “How Long Must I Wait”, Be the Void

Hymie’s Basement, “Ghost Dream”, Hymie’s Basement

The Beach Boys, “Heroes and Villains”, The Smile Sessions


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