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Hey Everyone – are you ready for another Fresh Music Friday?  You’re in for a treat as today I sat down for the first time with a faculty member to talk about music. Here’s what DaVaughn Vincent-Bryan had to say:

  • Alright DaVaughn, before we get started what should the Clark Community know about you?

I’m Davuahgn, and this is my 1st year at Clark as the Area Coordinator for First Year and Transfer Experience, I’m also an advisor for student council and with Focus, for First generation and men of color. I’m from New York and have lived in Vermont and New Hampshire and love what I’m seeing of Worcester so far.

  • Okay great! What is your favorite type of music?

That’s so hard! I like a lot of stuff… I default to top 40, and I know top 40 seems like a cop out but I love it. I like rock, that’s not something people guess but I default to it too. I love Shinedown, I went to a concert two years ago and it was fantastic, I don’t think I’ve ever lost my mind like I did there – Also 3 Doors Down and Three Days Grace. My fraternity loves Queen and that power ballad types stuffy. I also randomly like Celtic and that calming stuff but mostly I turn to music to get pumped up. I also love Destiny’s child and Beyoncé – I want to take on the world  when I listen to it, and if I’m cleaning or working out that’s where I land.

  • Is this the type of music you listened to growing up?

I listened to a lot of Christian music growing up. I never quite got the Christian R&B because it seems like rockers trying to hide with that. I know that’s not a fair statement but it is how I feel.  My mom loved Krik Franklin and Yolanda Adams, I was in my church choir so that was a lot of it. I think I’m still growing up so the question is hard to answer… Thinking back Evanescence played a big role in my life. I listen with music that dealt with a lot of girlfriend and friend relationships growing up because it reflected a lot of me.

  • What is your favorite song that you have been listening to lately?

“Roar”! Yes! Katy Perry’s Roar – I frickin love that thing. It makes me want to dance and I often am acting it out. It was also on the Zumba rotation. It’s a great song. I don’t typically like one direction but I love that song “Story of my life”. It makes me want to cry and talk to people and look at old photos (because that’s what they do in the music video). I love that it bring out a lot of emotions

  • Is there any music you don’t like?

Country. I give it a shot but I can’t like. I mean I do kind of like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert but also Taylor Swift and that just doesn’t count. The stories are repetitive and I feel that if I’m singing along I feel like a jerk because I get all twangy. I had Move-To- Worcester playlist and I had “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line on it and I listened to it and sang and I get all twangy and feel bad about myself, like “is it alright if I do this?” I guess I do but it has to be specific otherwise I get a flash of anger. I mean I also love line dancing… but otherwise I just don’t care for it.

  • If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Oh my god! Only one! *dead silence* When you were talking, the Destiny’s Child album came up *googles it* I guess it would be… Destiny’s Child Survivor (2001) because I think that will always be a theme of my life, having confirmation and knowing not to give up and to keep on surviving.

  • If a friend asked for a music recommendation what would you tell them?

A song I have been thinking about is Jason Derulo’s song “Talk dirty to me” because the song is confusing, because I love the beat but the words are frustrating and offensive. So I want people to really listen to it and listen to the words and separate it from that nice beat because the words are offensive.

Also, I haven’t put this out there but I do love Gavin DeGraw also and I recommend “Chariot” because it has a lot of great themes and its big and bold and has a lot of contradictory sentences.

I also love the “I’m the man” song because I think it’s hilarious. I’m watching the Voice this season and he (Aloe Blacc) is an assistant coach and its been good to get to know him. I think it is good to listen to it and think that it feels silly but there is depth there if you look for it and that’s nice.

  • Do you have any last thoughts on music?

Yeah… It’s important. Music is really important and that’s hard because I look to music to clarify or illustrate what I am feeling even if it’s beyond me, especially then. My best friend Alex and I used to make mix tapes to get to know each other on a deeper level and understand personalities. His had gothic monk chanting on it and at first I was so confused. But the mix taps  worked and I got a spiritual depth that I wouldn’t have gotten if I didn’t hear that. I try to illustrate myself and my story through music so that I can share it and others try to get to know me better.

I encourage residences and peers and everyone to come talk to me about music. If you walk by my office and hear something, come sing it and listen to it. I listen to a lot of music to get pumped up so if you want to hear it or have music to share come visit. We can have random sing along parties, and maybe dance – no I don’t dance in public, lets sing.

Do you want to her what DaVaughn recommends? Check it out!

Talk dirty to me –

Chariot –

I’m the Man –

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