The following is a list of unusual genres that I found attached to songs, mixes, or albums in my iTunes library. Many of them are strange in themselves, but some of them are only strange if you understand the disconnect between the genre tag and the music itself. Some are misspellings, others are URLs, several are intentionally ironic, a few are odd one-line postmodern poetry. I present them here without further comment.

(the info is formatted either (song name- artist- album) or (album- artist) or (song name/mix name- artist))

Acid Trap (Trap on Acid- RL Grime- Unknown Album)

Alternatief (Staff Credits- Z.R.E.O. Team- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker OST)

Animation (Song of Storms Dubstep Remix- Ephixa- Unknown Album) (I’m Gay- Lil B)

#BMC (The Purple Ride- Brodinski)

Brit Pop (Rather Ripped- Sonic Youth)

Cascadian Electronica (The Ark Work- Liturgy)

Contemporary Era (Dialogue- Surgeon- Balance)

Cult (Mixed up in the Hague- I-F)

default (Satan Gave Me A Taco- Beck- Stereopathetic Soul Manure)

drown wave (Baptism (DSS Megatron Rmx)- Crystal Castles)

Eastern European (Arctic Sweep (ASOT 285 Rip)- Reflex)

ElectroPop/PsycheCandy (Psychic Chasms- Neon Indian)

Essential (The Man Machine- Kraftwerk)

Ethereal (Heaven Or Las Vegas- Cocteau Twins)

General Avant-Garde Classical (L’oeuvre musicale- Pierre Schaeffer)

General Rock (Damaged- Black Flag)

Genre (Californication- Red Hot Chili Peppers- Greatest Hits)

Genre Wave (Unknown Album- Alice Glass)

Honky Tonk & Outlaw (some random Johnny Cash songs)

Innovative Leisure (Nothing is Real- Crystal Antlers)

Jizz Jazz (Salad Days- Mac Demarco)

Mahraganat (Cairo Calling- Mumdance)

Memory (An empty bliss beyond this World- The Caretaker)

Midwestern Rap (XXX- Danny Brown)

New Age (Wild Onion- Twin Peaks)

#realtalk (Titus Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1- Titus Andronicus)

Space (the first 5 songs of Campfire Songs- Animal Collective)

Tropical (II- Ducktails)

Unclassifiable (The Airing of Grievances- Titus Andronicus and Splazsh- Actress)

Us (Planet Rock (Swordfish Edit)- Afrika Bambaataa- Looking for the Perfect Beat 1980-1985)

15- (All Eyez on Me- 2Pac)

20- (Icky Thump- The White Stripes)

2005-New (Way Their Crept- Grouper)

??????? (repeat- This Heat)

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